Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for your events?

Registration is quick and easy! Once you find an event that you would like to register for simply find the registration form located near the bottom of the event page. Alternatively you can click any registration link located throughout the website.

From there you can fill out an entry form online. Please print out your confirmation for your own records. After you register you will receive instant confirmation and a receipt later for you to print for your records. You will also receive via email our entire event registration manual, or you can check out our Current Events page to download our information each week. This manual includes all forms such as medical release forms, event line-up, location, & general information.

What if I have a variety of ages/grades on my team?

Looking at the “breakdown per division” above, you would want to go with the majority of what you have.

What is the level breakdown per division?

Mini mascots Р(Pre-K) Mascots Р(K-3rd Grade) Elementary Р(4th Р6th Grade) Junior High Р(7th Р8th Grade) High School Р(9th Р12th Grade) Freshman Jr. Varsity Р (9th Р10th) Varsity College

How do I make my payment?

Your payment can be mailed to our office at P.O. Box 338 Claremont, CA 91711 2 weeks prior to the event or you may pay on the day of the event in cash, school check Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Visa/Master Card payment only. Business, Gym, All Star, Studio and/or Personal Checks will not be accepted at anytime. Deadline for ALL Theme Park events are 4 weeks in advance, ALL School events are 2 weeks in advance. Please contact our office or email us if you have missed our deadline. NO REFUNDS!

How much is admission for spectators?

For our most up to date ticket information please review our Registration page.

Admission prices include a free program for all events performed throughout the day. Please see our General Information Form for more details. For any Theme Park Events our ticket prices cover both admission into the park and the Sharp Event. If you do not purchase a ticket through Sharp, you will not be permitted into the event. Sorry, no refunds.

Chilidren Spectators 6 and under enter free

What is given at the Theme Park events?

Each group that competes/performs will receive a Team Trophy, individual awards will be given to each participant, a free “Program of Events” for the day, Sharp Banners awarded to all “Master & Grand Champions”, and a Coaches Gift will be awarded to the coach of each Master & Grand Champion Winners.

Do advisors and coaches have to pay to get into an event?

We admit 1 Advisor or Coach in to our event for free per school/independent team. If you have more than 1 Advisor or coach, they will be charged the price of the Spectator Fees. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Are we allowed to videotape our teams?

Videotaping your team is allowed. Videotaping any team team not associated with you is strictly prohibited.

How does our team qualify for state, regional, national, and world events?

We recommend that your team competes or performs in a Sharp event at one of our High School hosted Competitions, prior to the Championship event that you are interested in.

What type of cheer floor do you provide?

We have a standard carpet bonded cheer foam mat at each of our events. Standard Mat regulations are 54 x 42 at most events. Theme Parks will vary due to the size of the stage. All Theme Park stage dimensions will be posted on the Monday before the event on our Current Event page.

When will I receive information?

The event line up, forms & general information will be sent to coaches and advisors on the Monday or Tuesday before the event date via email. Also, located to the right under the coaches corner area are links to various forms and information. It is important to put a valid email address or fax number so that we can send you the information.

How do I get directions to each location?

Each week we post our most current location under the Current Event page on our website. You can also go to and type in the location/city/state for each event that you are looking for.

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